May 19, 2010

Midnight Riders

Late last night my fellow Falcon Jason and I headed out on I-44 Westbound with no
destination in mind. We ended up jumpin on rt. 109 to rt. 100. A little ways into
Grey Summit, MO a bright Busch Beer sign caught our attention, and we were
"like june bugs on a god damn light," (said with your best Franklin County accent).

We landed at what was apparently Grey Summit's diamond in the rough, a little
bar called "Roadhouse." The bar consisted of nothing but cowboy hats, toothless
mouths, and antler handled knives attached to belts. IT-WAS-AWESOME!

We weren't there long but before we left Jason had a quick rendezvous with the
karaoke machine and we were on the road again. On the way back we grabbed
some food in Ballwin, MO, and then cut through the cold crisp air back to city.

All in all, it was a great night and couldn't be more stoked about the countless
number of great summer nights to come! Oh and Katie wanted me to mention that
I didn't get home til' 3 in the morning (which apparently she wasn't too happy about.) :)


Katie Conran said...

You're HOT! I love the blog ;)

jason said...

it seemed to me that no one in the bar wanted us there!!! considering that the barkeep decided to bust out with (WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHY THE SHIT ARE YOUS TAKIN PICTURES?). I tried to bribe her to get a pic with me but, she was'nt havin that shit! It all smoothed out when I dedicated a Roger Miller original to the late R.J.D. (GOD REST HIS SOUL) and told everyone in the bar to STAND UP AND SHOUT.......LET IT OUT.......STAND UP AND SHOOOOOOOUT. and they did. I almost felt accepted.

Andy said...

Haha, yeah I felt the tension for sure... good thing franklin co. loves DIO!

Sara Tea said...

I love Ginghams!

artripoli said...

I've got some ideas for some motorcycle photos. Get to como asap. They involve an open highway and me hanging out of a car with my camera.

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