June 3, 2010

Nobody Did it Like We Did

Me and my friend Jason decided to set out on a trip with no destination in mind. Three days and 600 miles later our trip through Southern Missouri went a little something like this:

Bolts rattlin' loose, hail-like rain, awesome food, wild chicken, sleepin' on a mexican blanket... on a concrete pad, fender rubbin' tires, spewin' oil, great new friends, blown taillight bulbs, glowsticks, highway 32, joey's pool, PBR, riding after PBR, amazing scenery, hot dogs, wizard dust, dick head park rangers, wearing joey's clothes, ethan's rad rat bike and tat shack, Darren's (QCB) Hooligan bar, Rich Jenkins praying for my tire, root beer floats, souvenir lead, bungee cords, lightning, the blazing sun, and  massive bugs to the face

Here are some pictures taken throughout the trip. Enjoy!


the truth said...

Sweet Blog Andy! loved it.

From Steve Moravec

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