July 31, 2010

Know your roots

Had the day off so what better way to spend it then hangin' out and ridin' with my Pops.  We basically covered what seemed to be Southern IL in its entirety. And yes, I gave in to Hipstamatic... its so hip! Enjoy!

Keep it tight

Late summer night through the east side. Took the time to stop by Jason's hometown of Brighton, IL, rode through some mysterious wizard's dust, and took a quick break on the side of the river road outside of downtown Alton, IL. Therapy at its finest.
July 8, 2010

Fink's Forum

In this month's upcoming issue of Full Throttle Midwest Magazine, Fink's Forum showcases the 2nd annual Grease, Gears, and Grooves, compiled with photos by yours truely.  The event was a total hit and I'm already excited for next year!
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July 5, 2010

Cool video

Taken from the Quad Cam Bastards Blog.
Tattooer at Tower Classic Tattooing. Motorcycle enthusiast. Thanks and enjoy!
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