July 26, 2011

Columbia, MO

Took a random trip to Columbia, MO last thursday and I'm finally home. As always good friend Tony Tripoli was there to document our every move with his trusty camera(s). Here is only a few pics from the weekend so make sure you check out his site scumoftheslum.com to see the rest! Also, big thanks to everyone at Iron Tiger Tattoo for the love and hospitality. You guys are the best! Enjoy!

July 21, 2011

Sweeeeet panhead!

Tiny of EFMC
July 20, 2011


Monday morning I packed up a change of clothes (as in an extra sleeveless shirt and a "just in case" flannel), a series of prints, five or so paintings, and my trusty mexican blanket and headed east on my scoot. After spewing oil everywhere from my oil tank, my first stop was Daddyo's Tattoo in Centralia, IL. I Mainly hung out with good friends Andy N. and Chris Q but I also met a few new people and actually got to know some of the others at the shop as well. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly... good peoples.

Also while I was there I got to make a couple of tat zappers under the supervision and guidance of Chris who is the man behind Bareknuckle Irons. So after milling, welding, grinding, sanding, polishing, winding, soldering, tapping, gluing, wrapping, and can't forget about antiquing... I had built my first tattoo machines! Super cool feeling, and super lucky having a good person like Chris as a friend!

After Andy finished up his last tat appointment on Tuesday we said our goodbyes and headed about 20 minutes south to visit Rod and Alisha at Stripped Down Cycles in Dubois, IL. Our goal was to put some longer forks onto Andy's sportster but snail mail let us down, leaving us no other option then to put a taller sissy bar on his bike... oh and to get drunk! So after Rod finished the sissy bar and a long night of drinking at the shop we headed over to Rod and Alisha's house where we were fed like kings! Burgers, fried mushrooms, hot dogs, and a mix of vegetables... sooooo good! After dinner I was hit with a food coma, but had just enough time to lay my mexican blanket down in front of the AC unit and fall asleep with my head nestled on my backpack, mainly on the pocket filled with tools. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

So today I woke up feeling amazing.............. packed up my stuff and headed over to the shop to watch Rod's two week build begin its journey to its new lucky owner in Japan. After all of that excitement it was time for me to head back west towards "the big city". Overall, these last couple days have been so amazing and very therapeutic. Big thanks to Andy for inviting me along, Chris for teaching me about machines and for being a great friend, and to Rod and Alisha for showing me a good time and for giving me a belly full of food! Hopefully I'll be back out that way sooner than later!

July 16, 2011

rad footage from Born Free 3

July 12, 2011



The time has come for me to part ways with Iron Age Tattoo. It was a hard decision and I'm going to truly miss everyone there... but I feel like its for the best. For now I'm going to be cutting back bills and doing a lot of traveling with the little money I have saved up and try to begin a new chapter of my life. I'm going to continue to draw, paint, and learn how to tattoo so keep posted for that. Feel free to hit me up for I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands. live free die free.

July 8, 2011

Never satisfied.

July 1, 2011

Back on the road!

Spent the whole day in lovely Dubois, IL. Hung out at Stripped Down Cycles while Rod finished up putting my scoot together, and grabbed a burger and a beer from The Mule Barn.  It feels so fucking good to be back on two wheels!

Tattooer at Tower Classic Tattooing. Motorcycle enthusiast. Thanks and enjoy!
If you would like to contact me about getting tattooed, please email me at ONELIFEANDY@GMAIL.COM, or contact me via towerclassic.com