August 27, 2011

Well its been a little while...

The last month or so has become some of the most complicated and dark times in my life. A lot of questioning, a lot of no sleep, A LOT of drinking.  BUT... there has been a bright side to all of the madness... there has been a lot of traveling (and traveling to come), chopper riding, tattooing, painting, and hanging out with friends.

On the 7th of Sept I'll be flying out to New York City (As long as it doesn't blow away...) to visit friends and to sell paintings and prints. I'll return on the 13th and will be back on the road by the 19th.  I'll be traveling up north with good pals Andy Northup and Josh Rowan to take photos, sight see, and (again) sell paintings, prints, flash, and I'm sure Andy will have tat zappers too. But probably the most important aspect of the upcoming trip... its going to be a great get away and good times with my pals and the open road. Not sure exactly where we are going (but when do I ever do?) but I'm pretty sure we're gonna hit up Canada and Niagra Falls, which i'm very excited about. I'll probably know more info in the next couple weeks and I'll post our route so if youre at a tat shop or know of a tat shop that would like to take a look at our goodies just email me (

Anyways, I'm tired of writing...

Here is a pic my good friend Tony Tripoli took of me and Andy on our recent trip to Columbia, MO.


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